Electric treadmill speed to 16kph....$349 for 3 months hire

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Experience the power of an electric treadmill with a speed of up to 16kph through our hire service in Melbourne. For just $349, enjoy 3 months of access to this high-performance treadmill. Our treadmill features an exercise computer that displays workout details such as time, distance, calories burned, speed, and heart rate.

Walk, Jog or Run with Power elevation Treadmill: 3 months Hire $349, 6 months hire $599 FREE delivery and pick up in Melbourne .

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  • Description


    Walking, Jogging, Running Treadmill - 3 months  Hire $349 FREE delivery Melbourne and Geelong

    Whether you want to walk, jog, run or sprint the choice is yours. Power Elevation at the touch of button. Heaps of programs to motivate. This treadmill has a 'Gym' feel, and has all the features you would need for a complete workout.


    * Exercise Computer that displays: Time of workout, Distance traveled, Calories Burned, How fast you are going, your heart rate, elevation level, program details etc - too much to list!!!
    * Cushioned Deck: Say good bye to tired legs. Our cushioned decks give a softer step and helps to prevent sore and tired legs and joint problems
    * Foldable: That's right! Tuck it out of the way after your workout by simply folding it up.
    * Adjustable speed - at the touch of a button. You can start at 1kph - very slow, all the way to 16kph(very fast!). If you need more of challenge simply up the speed.
    * Power Elevation: Yep, Want to go up hills? Just increase the elevation and burn more calories quicker - 10 different levels to help burn calories quicker.

    Maximum User Capacity: 100-110kg depending on model available


    You can order your treadmill online (very easy) - Our staff will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a suitable time for delivery. Or you can order over the phone by calling (03) 9311 5066 or 1300 725 249. Your treadmill will be delivered by Prime Fitness expert staff who will place the treadmill in your home exactly where you need it to go, and will show you how to operate it.


    Prime Fitness truly are the Fitness Specialists. Our expert staff are able to have your Treadmill delivered and installed in your home usually within 3-5 working days (subject to availability). As soon as you place your order, you will receive a confirmation call from our hire staff who will then organize a suitable delivery time for you. ( Limited time only - free delivery!!! ).

    Save $$$ on buying - All our Hire equipment is available for purchase!

    Every one of our hire treadmills can be purchased - at way below the cost of a new one. Also, if you decide you want a brand spanking new treadmill we will credit back the first 12 weeks hire amount off the cost(RRP) of any new treadmill - it's your choice!
    And if you do purchase, we have attractive fortnightly or monthly payment plans to suit just about everyone! (conditions apply)

    Please Note: Picture is for Illustration purposes only - models do vary in appearance but all have the same features.

    All hire is subject to our terms and conditions found at the bottom of the web page under customer services.

  • Specification

    MODEL CODE Hire 16k treadmill
    ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS 165cm long x 75cm wide x 130cm long

  • Warranty

    All hire equipment is guaranteed during the hire period. Any faults will be rectified or the equipment will be swapped over.

  • Review

    Maria Scully

    Review: Every year I get a treadmill for the winter from the guys at Prime Fitness and I thought its about time I left some feedback. They do the job so well, with the delivery, calling to arrange a time, always taking such care bringing it in to the house and if there is ever a problem they are straight out to swap it over. Recommended 100%!


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