*SOLD OUT* Heavy Duty Elliptical Cross Trainer - ...$399 for 3 months hire

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Heavy Duty Cross Trainer $399 for 3 months hire FREE delivery and pick up in Melbourne
Pay 6 months get 12 MONTHS HIRE! Email / Call for this offer

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    ELLIPTICAL CROSS TRAINER - COMMERCIAL QUALITY: SPECIAL.... $399 3 months hire FREE delivery Melbourne and Geelong

    Prime Fitness is pleased to be able to offer a commercial style Cross Trainer for the Ultimate experience in all over body conditioning. The stride length is greater than most Cross trainers which ensures a smooth natural stride. The semi articulating foot plates provide increased comfort for the duration of your workout.

    Cross Trainers offer a lot of features and are suitable for a wide range of people. Whether it be for intense, hard workouts, rehab, or general cardio training, the Cross Trainer can do it. And because the Cross trainer offers whole body conditioning workouts take less time.


    With a Cross Trainer there is no constant thump, thump thump that comes with running. The feet simply don't leave the foot pad. This ensures a workout that vastly reduces stress on weak areas of the body such as ankles, knees and hips. This means more concentration on training, toning, getting fit, and burning calories.


    Cross Trainers are one of the few pieces of fitness equipment that offer total body conditioning. Not only are the legs trained, but also both the back and front of the arms, the chest, back, shoulders, and abdomen. And this is in addition to the hips, thighs, hamstrings and backside. Because of the total body training workout times are reduced. Typically only 20 minutes of training is needed per session - Great for motivation!


    * Programs - Hill training, interval training - plenty to choose from - and great for motivation
    * Contact Heart Rate - Monitor your heart rate training zone
    * Heart Rate Training: - requires additional chest strap transmitter
    * Computer display: Time, Distance, Speed, Calories, Heart Rate + Course Profile
    * Magnetic - Smooth and Quiet
    * Easy to Use - One touch start


    You can order your Cross Trainer online (very easy) - Our staff will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a suitable time for delivery. Or you can order over the phone by calling (03) 9311 5066 or 1300 725 249. Your Cross Trainer will be delivered by Prime Fitness expert staff who will place it in your home exactly where you need it to go, and will show you how to operate it.


    Prime Fitness truly are the Fitness Specialists. Our expert staff are able to have your Fitness Equipment delivered and installed in your home usually within 3-5 working days (subject to availability). As soon as you place your order, you will receive a confirmation call from our hire staff who will then organize a suitable delivery time for you. ( Limited time only - free delivery!!! ).

    Save $$$ on buying - All our Hire equipment is available for purchase!

    Every one of our hire pieces can be purchased - at way below the cost of a new. Also, if you decide you want a brand spanking new Cross Trainer we will credit back the first 3 months hire off the cost(RRP) of an equivalent new Cross Trainer - it's your choice!

    Please Note: Picture is for Illustration purposes only - models do vary in appearance and size but all have the same features.

    All hire is subject to our terms and conditions found at the bottom of the web page under customer services.


  • Specification

    MODEL CODE Heavy duty elliptical hire
    ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS We have many models available and dimensions vary. If you require an exact dimension call us and we will assist you.

  • Warranty

    All equipment is guaranteed during the hire period, any faults will be rectified or the equipment swapped over.

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