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Complete Home Gym Set Up includes everything you need for a gym set up - in your home! Comes complete with Home Gym, Treadmill, Exercise Bike and Gym Ball. FREE delivery Melbourne and Geelong

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    COMPLETE HOME GYM SET UP $699 3 months hire FREE delivery Melbourne and Geelong

    Prime Fitness Home Gym Set up has everything for your training needs. Toning, strengthening, fitness, endurance, stretching, cardio... You name it. No more wasting time traveling to the gym... No more cold weather, dark evenings or barking dogs; the complete home gym set up offers everything you need + more.


    * Walking, Jogging Treadmill: For great cardio workouts
    * Programmable Exercise Bike: Gym style features, hills, valleys, etc - your choice; great low impact training
    * Home Gym: Tone or strengthen every major muscle group in the body - Back, Shoulders, Arms, Abs, Legs - you name it.
    * Fitball: Huge variety of toning exercises and stretches to suit anybody


    You can order your HOME GYM SET UP online (very easy) - Our staff will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a suitable time for delivery. Or you can order over the phone by calling (03) 9311 5066 or 1300 725 249. Your equipment will be delivered by Prime Fitness expert staff who will place it in your home / work place exactly where you need it to go, and will show you how everything works - so you can get started straight away.


    Prime Fitness truly are the Fitness Specialists. Our expert staff are able to have your Fitness Equipment delivered and installed in your home usually within 3-5 working days. As soon as you place your order, you will receive a confirmation call from our hire staff who will then organize a suitable delivery time for you. ( Limited time only - free delivery!!! ).


    Save $$$ on buying - All our Hire equipment is available for purchase!

    Every one of our hire pieces can be purchased - at way below the cost of a new. Also, if you decide you want a brand spanking new HOME GYM SET UP we will credit back the hire amount off the cost(RRP) of any new SET UP - it's your choice!
    And if you do purchase, we have attractive fortnightly or monthly payment plans to suit just about everyone! * Conditions apply.

    Please Note: Picture is for Illustration purposes only - models do vary in appearance but all have the same features.

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    MODEL CODE Hire complete home gym set up

  • Warranty

    All equipment is guaranteed during the hire period, any faults will be rectified or the equipment swapped over.

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