Frequently asked questions

1. Does the hire include free pick up as well as delivery?

Answer: Yes we pick up free of charge as well, Any 3 month hire in Metropolitan Melbourne can enjoy simple free delivery and pick-up.

For full details on free delivery areas see our areas we service page where we list any delivery fees associated with areas outside Melbourne Metro

2. Are there any hidden extras in the hire price?

Answer: There is no other ongoing fees or admin fees, we have a $1 security deposit for hire only this is for the purpose of administration to filter our mailing lists to keep in contact with our customers who have any equipment that may need to know any change to our contact details or operating hours over holiday periods

3. Does someone need to be home to take delivery of the hire?

Answer: In general yes, it is preferable, but if there is a safe, secure and dry area to leave it we can arrange that.

4. If the hire equipment breaks down what happens?

Answer: All hire equipment is guaranteed while you have it. If a problem occurs contact us immediately and we will have it exchanged (no fee) plus increase your hire time to compensate

5. Can you take the equipment up stairs, like to an upstairs room?

Answer: Generally no, some small items can be carried up A FEW steps but large items like treadmills and cross-trainers are too heavy to cart up the stairs and even small steps may require assistance. Let us know if you require two person delivery or pickup if you are incapable of lifting anything. Free delivery does not include stairs or 2 people it is one person only, If we deem the item is too heavy or unsafe or the task not easy there will be a extra charge or the item delivered to the base of the stairs.

6. My home has 3 steps up to the entry, is that OK?

Answer: Yes we can assist you to take the items up a small number of stairs to your home depending and the item to help you get it inside the house. Please remember the equipment is in your care and responsibility from the moment it is at your door or base of stairs, any request is at your responsibility such as any damage occurring to the equipment, your property or injury to yourself or someone else. Feel free to call or send us a photo of your situation to confirm how delivery will be made or what is required

7. What happens at the end of the hire period?

Answer: At the end of the hire period we will contact you. You have the option of rehiring, changing to another piece, buying the hire piece or a new one, or returning the equipment (which we will pick up). Just let us know preferably in writing. If we make multiple attempts to contact you and are ignored and cannot make pickup then you will roll into another hire period.

8. Can I change the equipment during the hire time, I found that the bike wasn't working for me and would rather have a rower?

Answer: Yes we will swap over to other piece if you wish. If it is during the hire period we charge a fee of $50 to swap it over.

9. Does the hire equipment come assembled?

Answer: Yes it comes fully pre-assembled and ready to use! Unless in the case it is a brand new item in which case we will do the assembly for you.