Frame: Lifetime ***
Drive Motor: 5 Years
Parts: 2 Years
Labour: 1 Year


Frame: Lifetime ***
Parts: 2 Years
Labour: 1 Year


Frame: Lifetime ***
Parts: 2 Years
Cables, Pulleys 1 Year (Excluding normal wear and tear).
& Upholstery:
Labour: 1 Year (Excluding Cables, Pulleys & Upholstery).


All Weight Plates, Bars 1 Year
& Cable Attachments:
Rubber Hex / Kettle Bells: 1 Year
All BodyworX Boxing Products: 1 Year
All Other Accessories: 1 Year
*** Note: - Lifetime refers to the warranty coverage of the unit’s expected service life, not the
lifetime of the purchaser. For Home use equipment we deem Lifetime to be 7 Years.


Hire - This hire warranty excludes wear & tear, misuse, abuse, negligence, transport
damage and a lack of maintenance.

Limited Warranty - Hire Products.
Frame: 3 Years
Drive Motor: 3 Years
Parts: 1 Year

Cables, Pulleys 1 Year (Excluding normal wear and tear).
& Upholstery:


Definition of Warranty
When purchased from an authorised GPI Distributor the GPI warranty shall guarantee
that all framework and components of your product are free from defects or faulty
manufacture. All faulty framework and components will be repaired, replaced or
supplied free of charge as set out in this policy. All warranties in this policy apply to
INDOOR HOME / DOMESTIC USE ONLY except where otherwise stated.

These warranties do not apply to products used in commercial use applications.
Warranty DOES NOT cover normal wear & tear and excludes faults due to misuse,
abuse, incorrect assembly, or lack of general maintenance. Warranty is applicable to
products sold and placed within Australia only.

*** Note: - Lifetime refers to the warranty coverage of the unit’s expected service life, not the
lifetime of the purchaser. For Home use equipment we deem Lifetime to be 7 Years.

Warranty Terms - Warranty commences from the date of sale from the retail store.
Warranty only applies to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. Warranty is
void if the serial number of the product has been removed or tampered with.

Warranty does not apply to defects, faults or failures due to:

• Ordinary wear and tear.
• User negligence, abnormal or excessive use, misuse, abuse or transport
• Accident, fire, or malicious damage.
• Repairs, Alterations or modifications by a NON-GPI authorised service
• Defects caused during assembly or failure to assemble according to the
assembly manual provided. Assembly errors include but are not limited to
damaged wiring harness, stripped crank arms and / or pedals and bolts used in
the wrong locations.
• Lack of general maintenance and or failure to service or maintain the
equipment in accordance with the user manual specifications and
recommendations. For treadmills this includes a lack of lubrication between the
deck and the running belt and or incorrect alignment / adjustment of treadmill
belts that result in damage.

Warranty Terms Continued
• On selling of equipment. The warranty applies to the original owner of the
product and is deemed to be void if product is given away or on sold to
someone else other than the original owner.
• Any products sold or placed in an application or the incorrect environment that
is not recommended by GPI or as stipulated in the owner’s manual such as a
Commercial environment will void the warranty set forth by GPI.

GPI will have the option to repair and or replace any product which requires attention
under the warranty.

Warranty Definitions

Frame: Covers the entire steel main frame structure and welds.

Treadmill Motor: Covers the main drive motor.

Parts: Covers all other electronic and mechanical parts, including braking systems,
tension motors & incline motors.

**** Please note that Authorised service technicians do not reside in all areas of the
country. If you live beyond the reasonable service area of a metropolitan area, GPI
Sports & Fitness may not be able to support the labour portion of the product
warranty. Alternatively, you can return your product to the place or purchase or the
closest GPI state branch.

Metropolitan Area - Defined as no more than 50km from G.P.O. in all capital cities - For
Tasmania, the Launceston GPO is included.

Warranty Registration
Warranty details need to be registered with GPI within 30 days of purchase.
This can be done by registering online at
(Refer next page for instructions). An original retail store receipt of purchase is
required to register your warranty.


Technical Support – If your product has been registered for warranty, please email
[email protected] for any service issues.

Service Department (Faults & Repairs)

Should you have any issues or faults with your products then the No. 1 thing to do is
fill in a service request form.

Listed below are the ways in which you can engage the GPI service team to assist you
with any issues that may have arisen with a GPI product. You can also chase up current
/ existing Service requests as well.

You can initiate / log a service issue in 3 ways.


Web Site: Log on to our web site and go to the following link to submit a service request /
issue online.
(This is the most efficient way of activating a service call) .

Phone: The service Department on 1800 005 770


Email: A service issue to [email protected]

* When registering your product or filling in a service request form you will need the
following bits of information to verify your product.

MODEL NUMBER & SERIAL (BATCH) NUMBER – This sticker can be found on the frame
of each product and quite often on the box that the products come in.
*** Not all products have Serial (Batch) numbers.

Proof of Purchase – This is a very important piece of information for the service team.
This identifies the place of purchase as well as the date of purchase which will help the
service team determine whether a product falls within the guidelines of the warranty.
The shop receipt can be easily uploaded to the website.

Servicing / Spare Parts - As with any mechanical equipment general maintenance
should be performed on a regular basis by an authorised retailer or service technician.
This will ensure longevity of the product and ensure that it is kept working in optimum
condition. Failure to properly maintain your equipment may lead to safety issues and
may also void the warranty.

In order to maintain your product warranty and to ensure the safe and efficient
operation of your GPI product only genuine GPI replacement parts should be used. This
warranty may be voided if any parts other than those provided by GPI are used.

Freight Costs - The cost of freighting the replacement part under warranty shall be free
of charge. Your requirement is to return faulty parts via the pre-paid envelope
provided, otherwise a charge may apply.

Chargeable Items – Parts & labour outside of warranty terms will be charged
accordingly and parts will include a freight cost.

Returned Goods - The unauthorised return of parts or product shall be refused and
placed in the hands of the carrier at the cost of the shipper. Return Authorisations can
be obtained from the GPI branch in your state.

Online / Internet Sales - For all online sales, all customers are required to organise their
own freight. NO EXCEPTIONS! Should an Authorised service technician be requested,
and the issue deemed by them as “non-warranty” the quoted price will be charged.

Disclaimer - Our Goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the
Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a ‘Major
failure’ and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.

You are also entitled to have goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of an
acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

GPI does not assume, nor authorise any representative or other person to make or
assume for GPI, any warranties whatsoever, whether expressed or implied, in
connection with the sale, service, or shipment of our products.

GPI reserve the right to make changes and improvements in our products and
specifications without incurring any obligation to similarly alter products previously

This warranty operates in addition to other rights and remedies available to
consumers’ rights under the Australian Consumer Law.