1. Does the hire include free pick up as well as delivery?

Answer: Yes we pick up free of charge as well.


2. Are there any hidden extras in the hire price?

Answer: No hidden extras like deposit, security fee, credit card fee. The price quoted is what you pay.


3. Does someone need to be home to take delivery of the hire?

Answer: In general yes, it is preferable, but if there is a safe, secure and dry area to leave it we can arrange that.


4. If the hire equipment breaks down what happens?

Answer: All hire equipment is guaranteed while you have it. If a problem occurs contact us immediatly and we will have it exchanged (no fee) plus increase your hire time to compensate


5. Can you take the equipment up stairs, like to an upstairs room?

Answer: Generally no, some small items can be carried up but large items like treadmills and crosstrainers are too heavy to cart up the stairs.


6. My home has 4 steps up to the entry, is that OK?

Answer: Yes we can take the items up a small number of stairs to your home


7. What happens at the end of the hire period?

Answer: At the end of the hire period we will contact you. You have the option of rehiring, changing to another piece, buying the hire piece or a new one, or returning the equipment (which we will pick up).


8. Can I change the equipment during the hire time, I found that the bike wasnt working for me and would rather have a rower?

Answer: Yes we will swap over to other piece if you wish. If it is during the hire period we charge a fee of $30 to swap it over.