Dual Action Bike hire


Heavy duty bike with dual action arms to work the upper body. complete with computer dispay to monitor all your feedback.

Front foot pegs allows user to focus on Upper body workout.

Rear wheels allow the bike to be moved around.


* Computer displays time of workout, distance travelled, calories burned and speed .
* Oversized seat for maximum comfort.
* Adjustable seat: Perfect for different sized users
* Console: Simple console design for easy use
* Wheels: For moving around
* Maximum User Capacity: 120kg

* Dimensions: 110cm (L) x 62cm (W) x 115cm (H) LOW IMPACT TRAINING

Because their is no thumping like in running etc, the exercise bike offers extremely low impact training. Great for those with joint pain, or for rehab. Less stress on the joints means greater comfort in training allowing the user to train longer and more often, without fatigue.